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Seasons Come, Seasons Go - and so do Your Clothes!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Seasons Come and Go - So Do Your Clothes!

Somehow it’s the end of September! Fall and Winter are on their way, and though it’s sad we have to say goodbye to summer.

That includes changing your closet out for the current season’s clothes, and figuring out what to do with the summer things. Here’s how!

1. PREP. Get a garbage bag, one of those reusable shopping bags, and a medium size box or basket (or bring in your mending basket, if you have one).

2. SORT IT OUT. Take out all off-season clothes from your closet and drawers – pile on the bed. Sort into - Keep/Donate/Needs Dry-Cleaning/ or Repair piles.

Put dry-cleanables into the shopping bag, donate items into the garbage bag.

Put Dry-cleanables into the shopping bag, Donate items into the garbage bag. Take IMMEDIATELY to your car, or set by the front door for your next trip out. Key is to get them out of your house and remember to take them to the thrift store and dry cleaner soon – put a reminder on your calendar!

WARNING – if you don’t do this you are in danger of leaving

the stuff in a corner or on the floor for the next year.

Repair pile- put in a basket or box near your clothes - label with date. If next year comes around, you haven't mended it or even thought about it, time to Bless and Release.

3. CLEAN EVERYTHING. Turn garments inside out to help them last longer, and wash everything. Putting clothes away for the season dirty in not a good idea – they are a breeding ground for moths and other critters, sweat and body oils may permanently stain, and then there’s that musty smell that is super hard to get out. Yuch.

Wipe down shoes with a damp cloth with a little bit of detergent and water – or use special cleaners for leather shoes and boots.

4. WHERE TO PUT IT? This is key – having a good place to store everything that is relatively accessible, and not too hidden to be forgettable. Look for storage space under your bed; on top of a guest room or coat closet; in a spare bedroom closet if you have one; or get double-duty furniture like a storage bench or ottoman.

I don’t recommend a basement or attic, it’s too easy to forget about them and they are more vulnerable to moisture and bugs.

5. WHAT TO PUT IT IN? Figure out the best storage solutions for you and your space. The best containers are same-sized boxes or rectangles which stack easily – you can find these at places like the Container Store, or even Target and Walmart. Key is to have everything the same size for visual harmony.

Then label everything with what's inside and the date, so they’ll be easy to find. Like if you win the lottery and suddenly need cruise wear in the middle of winter.

Fold clothes neatly and place in containers - use cedar blocks or other moth-repellants to deter nasty little critters.

6. BEWARE OF FANCY BOXES! Be realistic about how many shoes you have and how often you use them.

Fancy shoe boxes that are transparent and have an access door are great - but you need to have them for all shoes, or it defeats the purpose. Don't use them for just one type, like dressy shoes, and leave the rest in a different box.

I tried to use do this once, thinking that my formal dressy shoes aren’t used that much so could be stored away. Problem was they were so out of site I forgot they were there! I recently did a deep clean of my closet and found a few pairs I hadn't worn since 1995. Needless to say, they are now Blessed and Released so someone else can enjoy them- out of my house.

7. BULKING UP. For bulky things (like sweaters) consider a vacuum pack, which greatly reduces the volume needed to store things.

TIP. For the remaining clothes in your closet, turn the hangers around

so they face the back. This way, when you do this seasonal change

next year, you can easily see what hasn’t been worn in a year.

And you know what to do with those, right???

Once you’re done, you’ll have a revitalized closet of current season clothes, and can look forward to a less stressful change-of-season-wardrobe update in the Spring!



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