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Halloween Clutter Monsters!

You can feel it all around you, the crisp coolness of the Fall air, multicolored leaves decorating the streets, pumpkin-everything, and - OMG!

The holiday season is upon us – I mean, NOW! Halloween is right around the corner and the Holiday Décor Clutter Monster has arrived.

Sure you want to have fun and celebrate but maybe you don’t look forward to the post-holiday clean-up at trying to shoehorn decorations into already crammed full storage space.

Here are several “tricks” you can play on yourself to make the post-holiday décor cleanup easier and your storage needs smaller. Here are some Halloween Clutter Monster Buster tips:

Decorate with edibles. Utilize natural things like pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, greenery from outside, and. When you’re finished with them you can make pie from the pumpkin, and compost everything else, giving the Earth a gift of enriching the soil for the future.

Borrow or thrift costumes. Try a neighborhood costume swap- most costumes are only worn a couple of times so they tend to be in pretty good shape. Or shop at your local thrift store. Most thrifts these days have extensive Halloween costume sections, and you’ll be surprised at what you can find! And on November 1, donate them back!

Virtual Party. This year during the covid pandemic, there will be fewer in-person celebrations and less kids ringing the doorbell, so think virtual. Get a group of families/friends together on ZOOM and watch a classic scary movie like “Hocus Pocus” or “Beetlejuice+ together. Use the Chat function to make amusing comments on the action, a la Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Candy Corn Decorations. Check out these great ideas for using candy corn to make garlands, candle holders, and even a candy corn tree.

Get treasures from the forest. Create a wreath from twigs and vines, colorful fall leaves,

embellish with pine cones that you can paint, or put a tree branch in a vase and tie black ribbons to it, which lend up looking like bat wings.

Give out money instead of candy. Avoid the inevitable over-indulgence with post-holiday candy leftovers by giving out coins instead. No, your officemates really don’t want to help you eat all the leftover candy bars, they’ve all got their own at home! Go to the bank and get a few packs of pennies and nickels and let each child take a pinch full.

Wine Bottle Candle Sticks. Paint some leftover wine bottles black, and get some orange candles from the dollar store. Voila! Instant centerpiece or decoration for your windows! Recycle bottles when you’re done.

Multi-Purpose Your Holiday Decorations. Get a large glass bowl and pillar candle. Fill the bowl with items that evoke the seasons, like candy corn for Halloween, cranberries for Thanksgiving, evergreen branches for Christmas, silver Hershey’s kisses for Chanukah. Choose candle colors that coordinate with your theme and you’ve now reduced your storage needs by at least a third.

Have a fun, slightly scary, and very safe Halloween!

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