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Sock Monster

The Sock Monster had attacked this innocent dresser drawer! We battled it with dividers, paired everything up, and neatly arranging by color.

New Pantry

The family had just moved in and wanted an organized pantry from the very start.

This mudroom was barely functional. We took out the old doors and closets and replaced them with a sleek Elfa organizing system.

Mudroom Monster

The garage was a dumping ground for old furniture, supplies and sports equipment, We created a Sports Wall with everything from golf clubs to tennis rackets to soccer gear,

Sport Garage Wall

Family was stuck in boxes a year after moving. We created zones for clothes, Legos, balls, arts and crafts, and more!

Boy's Room

Toys had overtaken the living spaces of this house, and the basement had turned into a toy room! We grouped like with like, labeled bins, and put all the pieces together again.

Toy Monsters

This primary bedroom still had boxes from their move. Now it's box-free and everything in it's place.

Primary Bedroom

Just moved in, and boxes were everywhere! Unpacked, organized and put away  over 40 boxes, and ended up with a kitchen island that was clear and functional! 

Unpacked Kitchen

Renovated dining room and kitchen, changing them from 1990's formal to a light, contemporary open format. 

Dining Room
Kitchen Reno

Guest room had become a dumping ground for laundry, suitcases, and other stuff. We set up a laundry system, purged and sorted, and organized everything else into labeled bins. Now it's a lovely guest retreat!

Guest Room Dumping Ground

We decluttered the living room and staged it for re-sale, making it bright, light and inviting.

Living Room

This bachelor lumped clothes in with linens, creating a huge mess.  Everything was purged, sorted and organized into see-through bins, easy to access and keep tidy.

Linens & Clothes 

The bathroom counter was covered in make-up, lotions, soaps and other clutter - very stressful for busy mornings!  Now it radiates calm, organized, harmonious beauty.

Bathroom Vanity

A very busy executive  moved in and had to jump right in to work, so didn't have time to find a place for everything  that made sense.

We did!


This lovely guy got a new apartment and needed help in figuring out what should go where in the kitchen.

Bachelor Kitchen
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