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BOO! Organizing for Halloween

Somehow Halloween has become almost as big a holiday as Christmas!

What with prepping for classroom parties, finding costumes, decorating the house, picking out treats to give out, parties for adults as well as kids, juggling schedules, and even office celebrations – things can get really hectic!

Instead of crying “Boo Humbug!” and hiding in your closet until it’s all over, embrace the fun with a little organization!


• Note your social obligations (and/or those of your kids) dates and times

• Two weeks prior – decide on costumes. Order your candy/treats, décor, costumes online. One and done and avoid the crowds!

• Weekend before – put up decorations (remember less is more – one really scary cobweb outside your door is worth 10 kitschy plastic ghosts or witches)

• Day before – lay out all costumes and check that everything you need is there (avoid last minute running around the house looking for a fake mustache)


• Before you shell out $30 or more for a costume, visit the local thrift store – they all have tons of costumes for sale this time of year, most which only were worn once.

• Consider your old costumes – if you really believe they’ll be worn again, keep them – but be honest! Some of them may be really bulky and take up a ton of storage – pick carefully. Or -

• Facebook Costume Exchange – google Facebook for one in your area, where people swap their old disguises for something new.


• Purge last year’s stuff. Take a look and get rid of anything you don't like, or that's really beat!

• Check out the thrift store (or Facebook Marketplace, Letgo) for treasures at a low cost. I’ve found some really great stuff at the Dollar Store

• If you don’t already have, get a see-through bin to store everything Halloween right after the holiday – keep this in a convenient place (like your dining room), ready to go on Nov. 1.


Probably the highlight for kids is all that free stuff! But actually eating all that candy is a disaster for sugar levels and contributes to an already bad childhood obesity problem.

• Try some non-edible alternatives like slime sucker skull toys, sticky monsters , mermaid skeleton bendables , mini flashlights on a rope (from Oriental Trading) – or Mini-play dough cans, mini Lego figures, Skeleton Bone Pens, or light up rings/bracelets/necklaces (Amazon).


• Throw out the pumpkins! They truly, truly become Clutter Monsters that can stink up your home, attract bugs, and make things really scary.

• Decide to toss/donate or re-cycle costumes and décor for next year

• Put away decorations and costumes in the box you’ve already got ready – ON NOVEMBER 1!

• Organize the kid’s candy - do a Switch Witch - they trade candy for grab bag of treats or tricks. Here are some more ideas for leftover candy.

• Shop for next year's decorations the day after for great sales

Some more Halloween tips -

• Make sure all the skeletons in the closet are hanging from shortest to tallest.

• Buy a cemetery plot for your off-site self-storage needs.

• Ask every trick-or-treater, “is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?”

Keep your sense of humor along with your timeline! Enjoy!

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