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New Life for Cardboard Boxes

Since the pandemic, many of us have turned to home delivery services (like Amazon) to safely get the things we need without physically going into a store.

In fact, the EPA’s data states that we generated over 30.5 million tons of corrugated boxes before the pandemic – you can only imagine what the post-pandemic numbers will be!

So you may find yourself swimming in tons of cardboard boxes laying around your house, taking up space.

With a little ingenuity and practically no money, you can reuse, repurpose and recycle those boxes!

Make Custom Drawer Dividers

If your drawers are pretty much repositories for unfolded, balled up clothes, space dividers are the answer. Dividers corral like items with like, with no bleed through - think socks, hose, underwear, ties.

Making your own means you can customize to exactly what you need and how much space you have. Just cut cardboard to size, wrap with contact paper or even aluminum foil, get decorative tape to cover the corrugated edges, and insert.

Cat Caves!

Cats love enclosed spaces, it makes them feel safe and provide awesome napping spots.

Take your box, fold down the top flaps. Get an old t-shirt put over the box with the neck opening on top, then tie the ends into a knot. Put a piece of soft fleece or an old towel inside the box and your kitty will love their new cave!

Toys - For Kids

Cardboard boxes can inspire creativity in your kids, whether they pile them up to make a fort or break them down and use as a crafts project. It also has a secondary benefit of taking their eyes off of a screen for a few minutes!

I found that my kids spent more time playing with simple leftover boxes than any of the expensive electronic toys their grandparents gave them.

Create Compost

Generic corrugated cardboard is full of carbon and is a great way to naturally recycle. The carbon combines with the nitrogen that food scraps release to produce a densely nutrient-rich compost.

Beautiful Storage Box

Cover the outside with your favorite contact paper, fabric, or even paint. Take a pillowcase and insert into the box, folding over the ends and tucking in to make a lip. Voila! A custom-designed box to match your decor!

Of course, you can also put a notice on Next Door or Freecycle and give away those boxes to anyone who is planning on moving… Either way, you can feel good about reusing a resource and keeping it out of landfill!

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