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OH MAMA! Bring a Smile to Her Face Without Cluttering Up Her Space

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

May 10, 2018

OH MAMA! The all important woman who brought us into the world and raised us, who wiped our noses and dried our tears. Who made sure we were clothed and fed, and shepherded us through the travails of life.

With Mother’s Day coming up, many of us start thinking about what gift can we give to celebrate our mothers, or celebrate our friends who are moms. How do you avoid the Clutter Monsters while coming up with something she will surely love?

First off, let go of that urge to buy a “thing.” She doesn’t need it, already has it, or doesn’t want it. Really. Even that. Trust me!

Instead how about these non-cluttering ideas for a very special gift:

~ Massage ($60 - $150) – for the busy woman this is an indulgence that will make life worth living

~ Car detailing ($100 - $200) – the gift that keeps on giving for someone who spends a lot of time in the car

~ Ballet Tickets ($15 - $100) – go along with her to enjoy your local professional company and be transported out of the daily grind

~ Spring Cleaning ($200 - $300) – hire a local maid service to do a thorough one-time house cleaning

~ Menu Mailer Subscription ($97/year) – Award-winning certified nutritionist Leanne Ely has an app that helps you choose and schedule menus, auto generate shopping lists, and upload your favorite recipes

~ Starbucks Card ($5+) – help her indulge her passion for coffee without feeling guilty about busting the budget

~ Amazon Prime Membership ($119) – if she doesn’t already have it, this service brings so many benefits on top of free Amazon shipping

Of course, speaking solely for myself, you can’t go wrong with flowers (are you listening Dear Hubby?).

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