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Smooth Moves

Tips on moving for an easier, less expensive, and lower stress experience.

Ok, you all, moving sucks. It just does.

Even if you’re moving into your dream house, the process of sorting through your stuff, deciding what to bring, and then packing it up is always exhausting, emotionally draining, and strenuous – and never fun.

Here are some tips on making the process a little - uh - less sucky?

SPICES. Put a piece of tape over the spice bottle to ensure no drips. Pack as many spices as you can in a large pot. Saves space, keeps it safe.

ELECTRONICS. Snap a photo of the back of each device. Assemble all cords, cables and remotes in a zip lock plastic bag, and tape to the device. You’ll be up and running again in no time!

BREAKABLES. Use linens and towels instead of environment-destroying bubble wrap to cushion your breakables. Cushion the bottom of boxes with sweaters and pillows.

LABEL, LABEL, LABEL. Yes, it takes a few seconds more to label each box with the destination room and a few bullets describing what’s inside, but you’ll be SO thankful when you move in and can’t find a towel! But label on the side of the box, not on top.

CRYSTAL AND GLASSES. Pack inside clean socks, then stand right side up surrounded by cardboard and padding.

HEAVY ITEMS. Pack in a suitcase with rollers – this makes it super easy to move, and to locate to the proper room. Great for canned goods, even electronics.

CLOTHES. Roll your clothes to save space – or use the Marie Kondo folding method, which is even better. Rolled items take up about 50% less space than folded. And if you roll them up and arrange in shoe boxes, they’ll be ready to simply take out and put into your dresser upon arrival.

BATHROOM ESSENTIALS. Use zip lock bags to pack your shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, lotions etc. to minimize leakage accidents (yuck!).

HANGING CLOTHES. Save on expensive wardrobe boxes and take a group of about 10 hanging items and twist tie the hangers together. Make a small hole in the bottom of a drawstring trash bad and pull the bag over the clothes, tying the drawstring at the bottom. If you really want to be OCD, do this with a white bag and use a sharpie to label what’s insides (Bob’s Suits, Latasha’s Dresses, etc.).

PREVENT TANGLES. Thread necklaces and bracelets through drinking straws and binder clip the ends all together- then put into a zip lock bag. Use empty paper towel or toilet rolls to keep cords and cables untangled.

EARRINGS. Get an ice tray for smaller ice cubes with a lid, and put earrings in each cube. Put plastic wrap securely over the top, and you’ll keep earrings together, prevent loss, and be able to see what you have immediately.

SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT AND SUPER FRAGILE ITEMS. Double box these – wrap the fragile item in padding (towels, sweaters, etc.) and place inside a box. That one goes into a larger box, fully padded on the bottom and sides, and label in red “FRAGILE – HANDLE WITH CARE.”

NECKTIES. The best way to pack and keep ties wrinkle free is to roll them. I like to roll them and place in a shoebox, put the top on and tape around the center. This box can then go in a larger box, and the ties come out pristine.

SHOES. Go to your local wine/beverage store and beg some boxes with dividers in them. Place shoes in the dividers, and you have an instant shoe pack! If you want to minimize the “old shoe smell” wipe down the insides of each shoe with a rag doused with vinegar. The vinegar kills bacteria which lessens the odor.

Great places to get cheap moving supplies

  • Shoe stores - shoe boxes

  • Wine and Liquor stores – boxes with dividers

  • Big box stores – empty boxes

  • U-Haul – ask for used boxes for free

  • Produce section of grocery store – banana and fruit boxes are super sturdy

  • Dollar stores

Wishing you a happy, organized and successful and move into your new home!

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