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Refer a Friend and You Both Save $75!

Refer a friend or family member and they’ll get $75 off their first organizing service - and you save $75 off your next session!

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Here's how:

Tell your friend about Clutter Whisperers/CW Organizing Solutions! Ask them to contact us by text or phone at 703-239-3554 or email at clutterwhisperers@gmail.com and make sure they mention your name.

Referral FAQs

How do I let them know about the referral discounts?
You can call, text or email them, and give them the coupon code.

How do my friends sign up?
•    Send a text (703-239-3554) or email (ClutterWhisperers@gmail.com) to Clutter Whisperers requesting a free consultation – and mention who referred them.
•    They schedule an organizing session (minimum 3 hours)
•    Upon payment, they receive the discount for that session.
•    Then, you get an email with a discount for your next organizing session.

When do they get their discount?
When they pay for the first 3-hour session (or 10-hour package).

When do I get my discount?
After your friend completes a session and payment, then your discount gets booked for your next service.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can get?
No! Let all your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, boss, hairdresser, and anyone else you know take advantage of the discount.

Do the discounts expire?
They are good for one year from the date of the friend’s organizing session.

Are there any refunds?
Unfortunately there are no refunds offered after the service is completed.

Can my friend sign up for one hour?
To get the discount, they need to sign up for a minimum of a 3-hour session (or a 10-hour package). But they can get a 30-minute video consult for free!

Can my friend pass this along to their friends?
Yes, as long as they have completed at least one 3-hour session, they can refer their friends and save too!

How do they pay for a session?
We accept Zelle, Venmo and personal checks.

Can I post this on social media?
Sure, just remember that they’ll still need to tell us who referred them so you can get your discount.

I have more questions.
No problem! Then just contact Caroline Warren at clutterwhisperers@gmail.com, or call 703-861-2995.


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