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Fight Messy Drawers with File Folding

Updated: Apr 3

File folding your clothes is the best way to use the most space in your drawers. And it makes it so easy to see what your choices are when getting dressed!
File folding is the solution to organized drawers.

What is file folding? It’s a technique of folding clothes and linens to line up in drawers and bins like files in a file cabinet.

You’re probably thinking, “Geez, I don’t have time to fold all my clothes!” But stop to think how much time you lose by digging through a messy drawer trying to find that perfect t-shirt, or the wear and tear on clothing left on the floor to get stepped on and thrown around.

I’m here to tell you it’s totally worth it!

A messy drawer makes it difficult to actually find things, and the clothes get all messy and wrinkled.
Messy dresser drawer.

How to Fold: Basically, it comes down to folding clothes into a rectangle, and then by thirds. There are several how-to videos online for folding clothing like Marie Kondo, organizing guru, which are super helpful. You can do this!

Benefits: Here are some reasons to start file folding:

· Vertical folding saves storage space

· You can see every time of clothing in a drawer at a glance

· Remove one item without messing up the whole drawer

· Fit more into the same space

· It’s easier to sort out things you don’t use anymore

· Folding greatly reduces the amount of wrinkles and creases – actually “presses” your clothes without ironing

· Your clothes will be neater and last longer.

Although it depends somewhat on the thickness of the clothes in question, you can fit from twenty to forty pieces of folded clothing in the same amount of space required to hang ten.

Use drawer organisers to spearate types or colors of clothes.  They keep everything from moving around and getting messy/
Organized drawers will make you smile!

Drawers: Use drawer organizers to keep your “files” in place, like:

· Empty shoeboxes

· Dream Drawer Dividers from Container Store (spring mechanism adapts them to the drawer size)

· Use cardboard to make custom dividers (cover in some cool contact paper to make it look nicer)

· Boxes for things like cereal, cookies, snack packs, and pasta make great drawer dividers and cost nothing!

Closets: You know those attractive shelves they’re putting in a lot of “organized” closets?

Using containers or dividers can help make sense of those closet shelves.
Is it actually possible to access your clothes when they're piled up on a shelf?

They’re a disaster for keeping clothes neat.

You think that it looks great with each piece on top of the other – until you try and take out the one at the bottom and everything falls apart!

Use bins with file folded clothes inside to neaten up your closet shelves, and save you from the fear of clothes falling on your head. And it ALWAYS happens when you’re in a rush to get out!

Travel: Also- file folding makes packing a breeze! You just lift out the folded clothes and nestle into your suitcase.

If you want to get really fancy, get some of those packing cubes which are amazing! Saves a ton of space, makes it easier to manage if you’re living out of your luggage, and makes for faster packing.

Use containers to corral clothes on a closet shelf.
Neatly organized closet shelves.

Definitely check out stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree and Target for drawer dividers and organizing bins at a great price. Also- save your boxes from iPod, new phones, and other sturdy materials – great for organizing smaller things!

Having a neat drawer to look at when you’re in a hurry getting ready in the morning is truly a gift to yourself and your friends/family! It lowers your stress, makes your life easier – and who doesn’t need that!

Happy Organizing!

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