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Make Your Home Ready for Sale with a Professional Organizer

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The real estate market is starting to heat up again, and if you’re thinking about selling your home you want to consider doing everything you can to make it competitive.

But who has the time or the energy while you’re going about your daily business? How do you stop from getting overwhelmed by all the many details?

Maybe it’s time to consider working with a Professional Organizer prior to your move. There are several tasks that P.O.’s can be particularly helpful with:

Decluttering. The first thing most real estate agents say when they walk into a client’s home is “get rid of the clutter.” When you present your home for sale, it should absolutely shine with cleanliness, clear spaces, and a sense of harmony and order.

Planning. There are so many moving parts to a move, it can make you dizzy! Including:

  • Deciding what will fit in your new place

  • What to do with the stuff you no longer want

  • Making arrangements with movers, at both ends

  • Setting up the home for marketing pictures and potential buyers’ visits

  • Storing things you want to keep but don’t want during house showings

  • And, of course, packing!

Project Manager for Upgrades and Changes. If you decide to make any renovations or just want to get your spaces freshened up, an organizer can handle the logistics for you, saving you time and headaches.

In some of my projects for clients I’ve been the primary liaison with contractors, coordinating all the work times, deliveries, and renovation details. Even helped make decisions about designs and paint colors! I make sure that things are progressing to the client’s expectations, design plans and timeline.

Staging. If the house is empty, you'll want to bring in a professional stager who can provide new furniture and designer accessories to make your space a showcase.

But you can also just give the space a little make-over. It's not that expensive to buy some new lamps, pillows for couches and chairs, new linens for the bedrooms, towels and pretty soaps for the bathrooms and some flowers and plants. Its amazing what a difference this can make!

Final Cleaning. After the house is updated and decluttered, you’ll want to clean it inside out so it sparkles. If you have time to do it, great, you’ll save money. But if not, an organizer can coordinate your window, pool, and house-cleaning services as well as landscaping updates. Some real estate contracts require the sellers to clean the home before the new owners move in.

So if you're looking at major renovations or just want help getting rid of years of possessions and a little visual face-lift, contact the Clutter Whisperers to save you time and headaches, and help you get top dollar for your home.

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