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Pro Organizers - Top 5 Moving and Packing Tips

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

This time of year, many people are buying and selling their homes, and planning a move. Don’t worry – you can do this without losing your mind!

My family is in the midst of this right now, and I was surprised at how much there was to declutter, sell, donate and generally get rid of.

I was holding onto my parents’ old mahogany breakfront and dining room set, all way out of style – heavy, old brown furniture. I managed to sell and donate it all, and now am left wondering – why did I want to keep my parents old stuff? Did they keep their parents dining room set? No! It’s time to let go of the past and create a space the fully reflects my family’s lifestyle and the environment we want to live in.

Here are a few tips from professional organizers to help:

1. Don't pack what you don't want.

Declutter, declutter and declutter some more! Ever notice how your old stuff always looks a little tired in a new place?

Really use your imagination and consider if an item will “bring you joy” in your new space or bring you down with old memories and past baggage. You don’t want to pay good money to pack and move stuff that you don’t need or has no place in your future.

Imaging moving into a new place where everything is something you use, love, or value. And leave the rest behind – or rather, donate/recycle/find a new home.

2. Create a Moving File.

It can be a physical binder or virtual file, but you’ll be happier to have all moving related papers together, like the contract from moving company, checklist, change of address sites, and title papers if a new house (or lease agreement if renting).

3. Moving labels!

Each room has its own color and label – you can get great stickers like these on Amazon.

I also like to jot down the contents of each box on the outside, and – if there’s time – number each box. A master list of boxes, numbers, contents and rooms goes a long way to make unpacking less painful.

4. Pack a Master Box.

This will be the first one you open, which includes fresh sheets and blankets, toilet paper, pen and paper, screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), dish towel, scissors, paper towels, kitchen trash bags, hand soap, sponge, and multipurpose cleaning spray and microfiber cloth.

All things you will need the first couple of days, and which can drive you crazy trying to find!

5. Important Papers and Valuables.

It’s a good idea to pack your valuables in one box that you take with you in your car, so that you’re assured of safe arrival.

This is the spot to put your good jewelry, medications, portable electronics, passports and any other important papers (birth/marriage certificates, etc.).

Moving can be stressful, exciting, exhausting, and emotionally challenging – these tips can help you maneuver this project with relative ease. Or at least – less stress!

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