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Show Your Home Some Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is globally known as the “Love” holiday. While sweethearts strive to find that perfect gift to express their affection, there’s a present that will brighten anyone’s heart and not clutter their spaces with flowers (that eventually die) or chocolates (that wreak havoc with your diet/health). The gift of organization!

Since this is not the year (because of COVID19) to go to a romantic restaurant, or go on a whisk-away vacation to somewhere warm, think about how you can celebrate “Love Day” at home!

1. Make your bedroom ready for Valentine’s Day. Go through and pick up all random clothes, put the clean ones away and the dirty ones into the hamper. Clear the surfaces of extra clutter and contain what’s left in attractive bins or boxes – the rule is leave 80% of any surface area clear. Do a quick run with a vacuum. Then you’re ready to lower the lights, pull out the relaxing music, set out a tray of nibbles, and of course rose petals strewn over the (freshly-made) bed.

2. Bless others with things you don’t need. Honestly, that dress you bought 5 years ago thinking you were going to fit into someday (but never did) and have never worn, would really light up someone’s night if they see it in a thrift store at a bargain price! Without going completely Marie Kondo, take 30 minutes to go through your closets and pull out those clothes you haven’t worn in a couple of years, or honestly never will. Bring them to your local Goodwill or other thrift store, and feel the love you’re sharing with others!

3. Gift of Time. Announce to your significant other that the only gift you want this year is time. After they wipe the goofy grin off their face, let them know this means 2 hours of uninterrupted time to clean out the closet (or garage, or whatever is the best way they can express their undying love for you...).

4. Create a romantic Spa Bathroom. Declutter the bathroom - get rid of old soaps,

expired meds, make-up and lotions, throw the towels into the hamper. Clean out the tub, wipe down the counters and toilet, Swiffer the floors, and turn down the lights. Scatter deliciously scented candles all over, hang up newly washed fluffy towels, bring the ice bucket with cooled champagne (or your adult beverage of choice), and a couple of glasses. Then you’re ready to fill up the tub with warm water, throw in a fragrant bath bomb, and create a relaxing spa evening for your honey.

5. Really organize things and go pro… by giving the gift of a few hours’ worth of time with a professional organizer! If this is what you really want for Valentine's Day, sent this link to your significant other to drop a hint!

So on February 15, instead of having to deal with a sugar high from too much Godiva or faded, drooping flowers, you can enjoy a clutter-free environment that was created with love!

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