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Top 10 Favorite Organizers of 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

After another wonderful and very busy year of organizing everything from playrooms to kitchens to garages, we wanted to share our go-to’s with all of you.

These are our top favorites that are well made, durable, and do what they're supposed to do!

Glasslock Storage Containers $ - $$*

Glass storage containers with spill-proof lid.


They go easily from freezer to fridge to microwave, are made from shatterproof tempered glass and are dishwasher safe (but I do hand wash the lids, the seal stays longer that way). Glass doesn’t hold bacteria like plastic does, so it’s safer. And, I mean, we have enough plastic in our world already- glass is recyclable

WHERE: Amazon

Shelf Genie $$$$

Custom pull out drawers for kitchens, bathrooms and pantries. Made out of birch or 100% hardwood.


So you can actually access your entire shelf space, including corners and way in the back. You’ll reduce waste (and save money) by seeing what you have and using it, and your cabinets will be beautifully organized.

Dream Drawer Organizers $

Expandable dividers for your drawers that can be positioned however you want. The spring-loaded mechanism keeps them neatly in place. They also have shelf dividers that are perfect for shelves in your closet where you keep folded clothes (and really, how long do they stay folded?)


Drawer dividers keep things neatly folded and lined up, and you can easily see and access what’s in the space.

OXO Food Storage Canisters $$

Plastic food containers with airtight silicone gasket seal, in various shapes and sizes.


They’re modular, stackable, and clear so you can see what’s inside. The lid has a fun button that creates an airtight – and I mean AIRTIGHT – seal, and they come apart for easy cleaning.

Spicy Shelf $

Expandable and stackable spice organizer.


Adapts to your space well, and can be stacked or placed side by side. And you can SEE everything and access your spices easily!

WHERE - Amazon - Walmart - Target

Clear Weathertight Totes $$

Air– and Weather-tight storage bins


They’re super well made, and protest things from bugs, moisture, dirt and mold. They’re stackable and modulate, making then ideal for all shapes of spaces. Sealed with urethane foam. Perfect for the garage, attic or basement

IKEA Kissle Paper Organizer $

A multi-slot letter tray organizer for papers


The shelves slide out so you can work on one pile at a time. There are 4 shelves with a little lip at the end to prevent spillage and to put labels on, with a cork bottom to help keep things neat. It’s also nice clean white design that doesn’t take up tons of space.


Pendaflex Clear Ply Zip Envelope $

Letter size clear envelope with zip-lock top and closed sides


They’re clear so you can see what’s inside, and are very durable – tear and water resistant. Because they’re sealed on the sides nothing slips out. Assorted color zippers help you color code for projects. Use these for taking files with you on the go, or keeping those pesky receipts and slips of paper that pile up in your car or kitchen

WHERE – Amazon - Staples

Madesmart Expandable Pantry Shelf & Spice Organizer $

Shelf organizer that expands to the width of the cabinet, with non-stick surface


Helps you to actually see what’s in your pantry by elevating the back rows. This one is wide enough to handle cans as well as spices and expands from 14" to 25" wide to fit your space.

ELFA Closet Organizing System White Memory Box for Simply Tidy $$$ - $$$$$

Versatile organizational system for closets, garages, pantries and more.


ELFA is quite simply the best of any closet organizing system I’ve ever seen. The design is ingenious and well-thought out, the product is attractive and durable, and you can customize it almost any way you want. Only the top track is secured to the wall and everything else hangs from there, so less holes on your walls and you can even take it with you when you move. With the new décor lines you can make it as fancy or simple as you’d like, and it’s an exceptional solution for managing garage messes as well as kitchens and closet. Plus – a free closet design service!

Happy Organizing in 2022!!

*Price Guide:

$ - Cheap (under $50)

$$ - Moderate ($50 – 150)

$$$ - Pricier ($150 - 300)

$$$$ - Top of the Line ($300 - $500)

$$$$$ - Expensive ($500+)


I assume no responsibility or liability for the performance or use of any of these products. They are simply recommendations based on my own experiences, with no guarantees. I may earn a small commission on some items.

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